The Drama Queen

My name is Danielle.

I'm an actress. Living the dream I've had since I was 5.

At Emerson College getting a degree in Marketing Communications and studying acting at JRP in Boston.

Staying busy with student films, acting seminars, online auditions and networking.

All work but it feels like play :)

My Social Media/Online Personality Defined

What Online Personality Type Am I?

All through the summer semester, our main focus has been determining the various personality types online and figuring out which categories we all fall into. Personally, I had NO IDEA which personality i was in the beginning of the course. However, it turns out I have more than one type of online personality! SOOOO here they all are! 

Socializer- Goes online for information about friends, events and social news.

-I certainly like to keep tabs on what is happening with my friends and any events going on in my area. Social media certainly helps me keep involved with happenings in my area. Although I may not attend all the events I find with my friends, I certainly like using it for news, information on events and friends.

Lurker- Is self-effacing in her/his social presence online. May seem shy and sensitive to what and how people talk online. Generates a large number of page views.

- I tend to spend a lot of time looking for new information and professionals in the business. I spend a lot of time on their pages, YouTube channel and finding ways to connect with them. I like to also keep tabs on these professions and see what projects they are working on and what they are looking for in their business. I don’t connect and interact with many of these people because I feel my experience and resume isn’t up to the caliber they are looking for in perspective employee. Instead, I do my research and try to keep on the pulse of what’s happening.

Creator- Creates, builds, makes, and publishes. Joins collaborative creative efforts that require belief and commitment from members. It is important for their content contributions to social media.  

            -I enjoy making YouTube videos, which is probably the only creative effort I do in the online community. However, I also create blog posts to give advice to other actors and aspiring actors in the business allowing relationships and networking contacts to be made. Because social media is having a huge impact on the entertainment and audition process, using YouTube has been vital to myself and other actors. Collaborating with other casting offices and producers through my content has made a huge difference in how important creating this content is to me.


Harmonizer- Appreciates group membership and a sense of belonging, but personality is motivated by the groups relationships and not its value as an audience. It is important for the sensitivity to group participation and engagement and for his or her efforts to keep the activity going. Sense of belonging and membership in social media use.

            This is definitely my main reason for social media. Because I am not going to school for acting, I sometimes feel very left out of the acting community and the engagement of other actors. Social media allows me to connect with them on a level playing field and share ideas topics and advice. It is a great way for me to feel a sense of belonging on social media, but to also network with other actors. I am always engaging in the community of actors with forums, and other media platforms such as twitter and Facebook. 

Educate yourself outside the why am i paying for college again?

this article was really interesting because it shows how education is moving outside of the classrooms. I wonder if in the future, classrooms will even exist anymore due to the social media and online tools we have to educate that are both cheaper than running an entire school building (therefore making it cheaper for students to get an education), and also more convenient for students to attend.

uh oh...tweets are getting olympians into lot of trouble!

Olympians athletes have been tweeting a lot during their time in London, which has been great in gaining support and recognition not only from their country citizens but around the world. However, this one athlete made one bad comment on twitter that was SO racist, and even though she tried to delete it and take it back , the damage was already done. the power of social media is just as great as it is irreversable. Its unfortunate she had to learn this the hard way..

New iPad Application is Changing Script Reading

It seems EVERYTHING in entertainment is more affected by the growing dependance on technology. I think this application is a huge step forward because not only does printing scripts waste a lot of paper, especially if there is only a small change, but it also would be a lot easier to read since it wont be marked up from others. Nothing makes me more annoyed than getting a  script someone else marked and crumpled up! So I think this application is going to be a quickly utilized technology on the iPad since it is not only convenient for the actors, but also for the writers, directors and producers. 

The Opening Ceremonies and their Effects on Social Media

really interesting how much social media seems to be influencing the Olympic ceremonies, even though it is only beginning! This seems to be the first Olympics where social media is seriously influencing how we are viewing and interacting with the games. I only hope it wont take away from the influence and impact the games has on its viewers, but enhances the experience. Since this is a new “thing” we have to work out the kinks in the coming years as we brace for social medias impact on these worldwide events.